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Renewable Energy Consulting

Ground Mounted Solar PV Systems


Rooftop Solar PV Systems

GDHA has been involved in both Ground Mounted Solar PV System development as well as installation of Rooftop Solar PV Systems on existing single family and duplex homes located in various USNavy / Military Communities.

In 2014, GDHA prepare a project development RFP (Request for Proposal) for the property owner, related to six vacant military community properties (totaling about 45 acres) that would allow development of about 12-14 MW of new electrical energy.  GDHA also provided review of Solar Developer drawings and technical submittals with following construction phase QC Inspections on behalf of the property owner.


Three of these properties, delivering about 7.5 MW, have been successfully delivering energy ever since completion by SolarCity-Tesla / Solar Developer in 2016-2017.   The total project involved 21,726 solar modules and 250kW Storage Battery component at the larger of three systems.

The three properties located in Rhode Island started construction in 2020 by a second Solar Developer, these systems are expected to be in full production by early 2021 delivering about 5.5 MW of new energy.

GDHA also served the same property owner providing QC Inspections at five military residential community properties for the installation of New Solar PV Systems on existing residential buildings totaling about 1,500 units. These systems were installed by SolarCity-Tesla, all are now completed and have been successfully delivering new electrical power.

Lakehurst NJ DSC_0830.jpg

Rooftop Solar PV Systems on existing homes (1,500 units) and existing Community Centers - five different Military Communities - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island - about 7.8 MW new energy

11-8-16 Groton Pelican Aerials  (9).JPG

Solar PV System Storage Battery Component 

SolarCity-Tesla - New London, CT

11-1-16 Groton Pelican Aerials (2).JPG

Construction Phase - QC Inspections - New London, CT

Construction Phase - QC inspections - Middletown, RI

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