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Construction Contractor Payment Review

Keeping to Your Budget With Construction Contractor Payment Review

What are the owner's representative services and why are they so important? Owner's representative services serve as an advocate for the owner when building a construction. A construction is complicated and expensive and often involves multiple contractors. Often the only way you can make sure that you're doing everything right is through a construction contractor payment review.

What Are Owner's Representative Services?

An owner's representative service will review all the work being done and the costs to make sure that you aren't being overcharged and that you aren't being sold services or materials that you don't need. These types of services need to be done by professionals within the industry, as they need to be certain whether things are necessary or not. These services are designed to help you protect yourself against additional unnecessary costs.

What is a Construction Contractor Payment Review?

For a complex project, a company may engage with a single general contractor and a multitude of subcontractors. With dozens of subcontractors at hand, it can be difficult to determine whether the payments are correct. A representative service will move in and help ensure that each subcontractor is being paid for valid products and services, rather than potentially over-billing. Even if contractors are trustworthy, things can happen. Having an advocate is incredibly important.

These advocates won't just take a look at the raw amounts, but also make sure that everything that is being paid is necessary. This can be a small amount of money paid to save a much larger amount of money, and ensures that contractors and subcontractors are aware that their work is being audited.

Do you need someone to act as your owner's representative services or to complete a construction contractor payment review? If so, consult with GD Harley Architects. We have the expert and experienced professionals necessary to help you.

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