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Skyva International Headquarters

41,000 SG Fit-out

3rd Floor - One Cabot Road

Medford, Massachusetts

Skyva International was a new software company relocating to the Boston Metro region and needed a new headquarters suitable to reflect its aggressive marketing expectations. This 41,000 SF / $2.6 million (2020 dollars not including furniture & furnishings) fit-out was completed on a fast-track design-engineering and construction schedule.  Skyva International is in the enterprise software business and selected the Boston Region for its headquarters due to the unique educational, employee, and cultural resources available in Boston.

GDHarley served as Architect-of-Record providing inventory of existing conditions at One Cabot Road and preparing base building drawings, prepared schematic architectural and full design development documents and after approval by Ownership we prepared the Construction Documents,, managed all supporting engineering, managed the bidding and contractor selection process, provided monthly QC and progress inspections, attended the Contractor Payment DRAW Meetings and conducted project close-out procedures.  The Design Concept, furniture layout and furnishings selection was provided by Trimback Interior Design of New York City / San Francisco, California.


New Floor Plan - 3rd Floor - One Cabot Road

Skyva International

View - One Cabot Road - Now Owned by The Davis Companies

FIREPOND, Inc. - New International Headquarters

30,000 SF Tenant Improvements

Third Floor

890 Winter Street - Waltham Woods

Waltham, Massachusetts

Firepond Computer RMpsd.jpg
Firepond Floor Plan.jpg


Northeast Regional Corporate Training, Customer Reception, & Sales Administration Center 

75,000 SF - Tenant Improvements (Fast Track Schedule)

Third & Fourth Floors

Bay Colony Corporate Center

Waltham, Massachusetts

GDHarley & Associates-Architects with its engineering consultants provided full architectural & engineering services working with SAP's New York based designer team (Trimback Design & Interiors of New York City & San Francisco) for this 75,000 SF tenant improvements project..

This new facility included new raised floor Central Computer Room, Training Cafeteria, Customer Cafeteria and Central Kitchen, Customer Reception Atrium, (16) Training Classrooms, Break Areas, Sales and Administration areas, (4) Customer Demonstration Rooms, and new supplemental building systems suitable to serve SAP's needs and requirements.

The project was delivered using a 'Fast Track' schedule involving demolition of existing old tenant improvements, architectural and interiors design, engineering and construction organized into (6) phases of construction and tenant occupancy to meet SAP's demanding occupancy and training schedule.

SAP AMERICA copy.jpeg
Harley Web Site SAP FLOOR PLANS.jpg
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