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Historic Renovation - Architectural Services

1880's Queen Anne - Brown University

Partridge Hall-Third World Center

Providence Rhode Island

GDHA provided full architectural services for this Historic Renovation of an existing Queen Anne structure on the Brown University campus. The renovation project include all exterior facades, new slate roof, brick repointing, wood reclamation and painting, new kitchen, and classroom spaces on the interior.  The other existing interior rooms also received new finishes.  A new ADA lift was added to the rear porch.  Historic Renovation design, engineering and construction needed to conduct detailed coordination with Construction in-progress at adjacent Carr House.

Team Members:

Joanna Saltonstall, Project Manager-Brown Facilities Management

Garry D Harley, AIA, Partner-in-Charge, GDHarley & Associates, Inc.

Michael J. Weremay, RLA - Project Landscape Architect, Beckman-Weremay, Ltd.

GDHA Historic Repointing.jpg
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