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Office Building Architects

What are the Newest Trends in 2020 Architecture?

What are office building architects doing in 2020? Every year, architecture has a tendency to change. Sometimes a little and sometimes dramatically. But the concept of an office is now shifting and architecture is shifting with it. Here are the changes that architects have seen become prominent throughout the year.

Open Floor Plans Are Still In

Architects are still building open floor plans so companies can tailor their plans to them. But that doesn't mean that companies are actually keeping those open floors. Many companies have found that this is just a distraction. Instead, companies are preferring that architects create open floor plans so that they can then customize them with the use of movable walls and dividers.

Offices Are Becoming Homes

Rather than just developing offices, office building architects are now creating office spaces that are a lot like apartments or even resorts. Office buildings now have amenities built-in like restaurants, cafes, and hang-out spots, and that encourages employees to spend more time at the office -- while also giving them the amenities that they need before and after work.

Built for Remote Work

What's happening to office architecture as employees go remote? Even though many employees are going remote, they still need a home base. New offices are going to compensate for this with built-in technology and the ability to adapt, with more fluid office structures and more shared, common spaces.

The way that people work is changing. Office architecture often adapts to this. Many people are going to see the way the office functions change as well, with more home-like amenities, larger spaces, and more common areas where employees can drop in and drop out. For more information about how office architecture is changing, contact the experts at GD Harley Architects.

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