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New England Home Addition & Renovation

New London, Connecticut

Project consisted of renovation of two-story New England home including new larger Master Bedroom suite, New Kitchen, and Bathroom upgrades plus addition of New Expansion Room. The new expansion room supports the new home occupant's social entertainment needs, these entertainment functions are part of the new occupant and his families activities since he serves as a high ranking US Navy officer.

The home had been constructed about twelve years ago within a new military residential community and had therefore served multiple military families over the years, resulting in understandable wear and contained out dated kitchen surfaces, layout, and appliances.

Due to the nature of the project, the renovation and expansion construction budget needed to be based on reuse of existing finishes and building systems as best as was possible while giving attention to selected up-grades that would provide a new home suite;e and adequate to the rank and needs of the new occupants.

GDHarley with Miika Ebbrell Architects provided architectural design and project architect services to the Property Owner - Northeast Housing LLC including professional structural engineering by Northeast Engineers & Consultants.  The Contractor, Bedford Construction & Woodworking provided Design-Build Mechanical improvements as well as serving as General Contractor working under BBC Renovations supervision acting as Construction Manager.  The project's schedule was demanding (12 months including A/E Services and Construction period), procurement and construction proceeded during the fall and winter months of 2019-2020.  The project was partially constructed in the mist of the COVID-19 crisis, occupancy in June 2020 followed strict Coronavirus safety protocol.

Historic Chris Craft.jpg
Chris Craft.jpg

Responding to the project's objective of reusing as much of the existing home as possible, the existing first floor red oak veneer flooring was retained and refinished.  The color of the red oak was combined with a darker veneer in the new flooring of the Expansion Room reminiscent of the deck of historic Chris Craft yachts (one red oak strip matching existing flooring plus three new darker cherry strips).


This flooring design was repeated in the new Kitchen flooring (one dark cherry strip plus two light red oak).


The new Kitchen Layout benefits from removal of old partitions, new quartz countertops, appliances, cabinets, accent lighting and expanded adjacent rear deck.

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Bill Horsman Photography

Boston, Massachusetts

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